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"Kamu (umat islam) adalah umat terbaik yang dilahirkan untuk manusia,(kerana kamu) menyuruh (berbuat) yang makruf dan mencegah dari yang mungkar,dan beriman kepada Allah.sekiranya ahli kitab beriman,tentulah itu lebih baik bagi mereka.Di antara mereka ada yang beriman,namun kebanyakkan mereka adalah orang yang fasik"


as the sun rise,i heard the arabs had start their daily routine..
with the noise from the bakery shop nearby,shows that it 7am already..hrm,went to my room and i looked at my friend,still snoring..

"weh bobo,bgun2 dah pukul 7suku" ...he replied "huuhhh~~"

then i tidy up myself and went to class..

as i arrived,luckily i among the earliest,so i doesn't to bother myself sit at the back with ton of giant head at front..

Before the lecture start,there's little tazkirah by my friend (suppose to be timon today)..

he remind us about to carefull in our relation between both sexes..he suggestd we must make sure and tried avoid from sit side by side with girls/boys..hrm,i looked around,yup~many of them sat side by side with opposite sexes..

"boleh study ke mcm tu?" i wonder..for me,i'll try to avoid it,bcause only my wife can sit beside me..hehehe

then i heard someone said

"biar la,poyo r dia ni"
"bukan kita wat apa pon"
"ni yg ilangkan mood aku ni"
"menggelabah gile"

and so on..hrm,for me,they should thank him because remind them..he just doing his job as a muslim..

what he said is true,we can see now,there's no border between boys and girls..

come on my sis,y'all like the roses..protect yourself for your husband..dont be so cheap to let those men to touch you,sit near you,walk side by side with you, it all for your husband..because he the only to deserve all that..

come on my bros (especially me),when you look at women,look at them as the most wonderfull creation ever,with high dignity..dont look at the as a toy that can be played,save your feeling only for your wife..

"Aku lebih rela berjalan belakang singa,daripada aku berjalan belakang perempuan"
-Umar al-Khattab-

muslim these days always condemned among them..when someone remind us,we'll prefer rebel than listen to him..this reminds me about what had abg kudin told me in usrah,"the fitnah that rise among in islam,is mostly caused by muslim itself.."

some of us only listen from the one who old from us,from ustaz2,from our parents eventhough but there's still lot of us doesn' listen from them

i had heard someone said "i'm your older than u,dont ever try to teach me"

or like "eleh,dy pon same,ade hati nak ajar org lak"

and many2 more..

its not necessary only listen to older people,orang "alim",we must also look what of the content that they try to tell us..if give us benefit,just accept it..even it from people that younger,or even from non-muslim..

i have an indian friend,his name is calvin..he said to me "aku rase kalau sume orang islam ikut betul2 ajaran diorang,mesti aman negara ni.."

can see that??that's why now,there's lot of misunderstanding toward islam..because of what??because of us,muslim..and especially melayu..i like quote from former prime minister tun mahathir,"melayu mudah lupa"..why?think by yourself..

even to us,he/she like hipocrite to us,just accept,the his/she hipocracy it's his/her bussiness with Allah..

"Berkata benarlah walau ianya pahit"

so,try to change..even we islamphobia,tazkirahphobia,or whatever we want to called it,just try to sheikh ibrahim said before,the purpose of our life is to worship Allah only..its not about our feeling,so whether we like or not,we being created for that purpose,so just listen and obey..

do not let ego overtake us (especially me)..just because of our ego,we neglected our religion..come on guys,now its up to us to bring islam back..y'all see what happen in our country,the situation of islam,the situation of our "leader",so do we just want sit down,look and just let those damn jews laugh at us??

if we admit there's no God but God,an Muhammad SAW is His messenger,try to change,and don't ever give up..

change our mentality dear friends..

this advise from me for me..


*sorry if any mistakes,seems this my first post in english


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